Concert Band Listening List

Concert Band Listening Lists

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Cornerstone Works

Title Composer Year
Commando March Samuel Barber 1943
Suite of Old American Dances Robert Russell Bennett 1949
Symphonic Songs for Band Robert Russell Bennett 1957
Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale, Op. 15 Hector Berlioz 1840
Suite in D Major, Op. 29 Arthur Bird 1889
Elegy John Barnes Chance 1972
Incantation and Dance John Barnes Chance 1960
Symphony No. 2 John Barnes Chance 1972
Variations on a Korean Folk Song John Barnes Chance 1966
Emblems Aaron Copland 1964
Saxophone Concerto Ingolf Dahl 1948
Sinfonietta Ingolf Dahl 1961
Serenade in D Minor Antonin Dvorak 1878
Americans We Henry Fillmore 1929
The Footlifter Henry Fillmore 1935
His Honor Henry Fillmore 1933
Symphony No. 4 (West Point) Morton Gould 1952
Irish Tune from Country Derry Percy Grainger 1918
Lincolnshire Posy Percy Grainger 1937
Chorale and Alleluia Howard Hanson 1954
Symphony in Bb Paul Hindemith 1951

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